Video: SilencerCo Joins Travis Pastrana at ‘Pastranaland’ to ‘Fight The Noise’


SilencerCo teamed up with Travis Pastrana and released the newest spot in their ‘Fight the Noise’ video series.

In this episode, we hear from professional fun-haver, Travis Pastrana. A legendary rally and dirt bike rider, Pastrana talks about how he grew up with guns, and how that’s influenced his friendships today. 

Speaking of friends, Travis is joined by Nitro Circus stars Street Bike Tommy and Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham, so be on the lookout for them to perform some of their notorious stunts.

According to a press release, which announced the new episode, the purpose behind SilencerCo’s ‘Fight the Noise’ series is not only to “spread awareness of the benefits of silencers and support grassroots advocacy,” but to also “show that gun owners come from all walks of life.”

The focus in this short video is on Pastrana’s thrill-seeking lifestyle and the measures he and his friends take to protect themselves from harm – and that includes both the protective gear while riding and using a suppressor while shooting.

Check out the video: 

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