The things a couple guys will do over a girl. . .

As a deer hunter, this time of year can produce either the most frustrating or the most exciting hunts ever.

For the time being, bucks could care less about that 4-course meal you just spread out for them, because their sights are currently set on does.

Of course, when out perusing the town looking for a mate, turf wars are inevitable. And when a buck fight features two heavy-weight bruisers like the ones in these videos, you stop whatever it is you’re doing and watch.

Just ask the cop who took this video while on patrol one night:

I think I speak for everyone when saying that fight was definitely worthy of the squad car’s spot light. . .

Here’s another buck fight that recently took place in the middle of a street in Moline, Illinois – and you know what the bucks look like in Illinois. . .

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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