This is the perfect video to get your weekend kicked off right.

Edwin Sarkissian never lets us down with his YouTube videos, and we’re happy to say, nothing has changed.

In this video, Edwin is going to find out what happens when you shoot propane tanks with a .50 cal BMG, and you definitely don’t want to miss it.

Now, you’re probably saying “well duh guys, it’s going to explode…,” but we’re more visual here at OutdoorHub, so our eyes are glued to the screen to check out this explosion:

We’re no strangers to big explosions, but that was pretty darn cool. . .

By complete mistake, Edwin gave us all a little reminder to always remember your hearing protection. In the midst of trying to get everything ready for the video, he forgot to slip on his ear muffs, and the explosion did a number on his ears. 

We’ve seen a lot of folks almost get severely hurt by blowing stuff to smithereens, so we have to stress that you leave this sort of thing to the professionals. 

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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