Video: Bobcat Makes 50-Mile ‘Miracle’ Trip Lodged in the Grill of a Prius


A Virginia bobcat became a Thanksgiving “miracle” after it survived being hit by a Prius, and making a 50-mile trek from Gloucester County to VCU lodged in the grill of a woman’s car.

WTVR reports the director of Richmond Animal Care and Control, Christie Peters, was called to the scene early Thanksgiving morning. She had already been up getting last minute prep work done for the big holiday feast, when she received a text message from RACC Officer Barbara Jones.

The text reportedly read: “I’m on call with a bobcat stuck in the grill of a car – and he’s still alive.”

Christie made her way to the scene, but first stopped by the shelter to pick up some supplies. Included in her haul was a stick pole so she could safely administer a sedative to tranquilize the cat.

“We got on scene and it really was true. It’s really a bobcat stuck in the front of a Prius grill,” Peters stated. “When we walked by, it hissed at us, so he’s alive and maybe okay, which was so crazy since the woman drove from Gloucester to VCU.” 

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