Video: Marriage Proposal by A Clever Angler


The husband-to-be shown in this video knows how to tie a dependable fishing knot, otherwise his planned proposal would have gone to the fish. On second thought, watch the video below again. He has the engagement ring in his hand, so it’s never really in the box attached to the end of the fishing line. It appears he left a note in the box. (Be sure to turn up the volume of the Facebook video for best viewing.)

Sure, it’s a touching scene, but we can’t help but point out one negative: She sets the rod and reel into the dirt. Doesn’t she know that dirt and sand are killers to fishing reels? Well, hopefully these two will live happily ever after. And during that time, perhaps he can teach her that no matter what — big fish hooked, engagement ring discovery, etc. — it’s never okay to set a fishing reel in the sand.

Of course, we’re kidding (a bit); good luck to the happy couple!

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