Midwest Industries, Inc. Introduces M-LOK Forend for Marlin Firearms Lever Rifles


We know this might divide some people, so let’s hear what you think.

Midwest Industries, Inc. has released an M-LOK forend that is able to be installed on most Marlin Firearms lever-action rifles, and we want to know your reaction.

Some were put off by the idea, and others can’t seem to wait to get their hands on one.

After comments started flooding in on the Facebook post that introduced the product, Midwest Industries offered the following explanation behind the concept: 

“Most guys get what we are trying to achieve. This product is to maximize the potential of a awesome big bore hunting rifle. This is not to make the rifle tactical. M lok was designed as a attachment system for all types of rifles . This is not for everyone. This was intended for guys who actually use their rifle as a tool and want to add versatility. Low light is a fact of life when hunting and having the option to have a weapon mounted light in dangerous conditions is a huge plus. thanks”

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