Avid anglers know that muskies are often called the “fish of 10,000 casts,” however, late fall is a period when you can sometimes experience relatively fast action.

Depending on water temps, wind and a few other factors, oftentimes casting isn’t the best method. Some diehard muskie hunters will troll large crankbaits during late fall to find scattered fish, while others choose a more stationary approach, using large sucker minnows to target fish in specific locations such as a rocky point or inside turn.

Of course, no matter which method you use to find and hook a muskie, the ensuing battle is anything but predictable. Check out the video below as evidence.

These two anglers are on the water in western Wisconsin, and it’s mid-October. You can tell by the way they’re dressed that it’s a bit chilly outside. They’re using large sucker minnows for bait (click here for a recent OHUB story on 10 tips for better muskie fishing with live suckers), and the guy running the show (Scott Gehrman, wearing the Packers hoody) hands off a rod to his boat partner, Chris Franzen, at about the 35-second mark. Clearly, a muskie has taken the bait and they’re waiting for the right moment to set the hook.

As you’ll see, it initially appears that the fight will be short and sweet. Maybe it’s a small muskie?

Ahhhh . . . no.

Soon, a rodeo begins, and Packers Man Scott Gehrman does an excellent job just staying in the boat. Heck, he should call Mike McCarthy and get a tryout for halfback. Scott has quick feet and great balance.

My favorite part of the video happens at the 3:39 mark. I’d say that big fish went away in good shape!

Congrats, guys, on a fine release and a great video.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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