Video: Sheriff Deputies Rescue Horse from Frozen Pond


Deputies from the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office in Michigan, helped rescue a horse that according to Click on Detroit, fell into a frozen pond earlier this week.

The video below shows the deputies’ efforts as they worked in the bitter cold to help get the horse out, but it was a struggle to get the horse’s hooves above the ice and on solid ground.

Deputies first tried coaxing the animal out by pulling on a rope attached to the horse, but it was in too deep, and an officer ended up taking a dip in the bone-chilling water with the horse. He was quickly recovered, and despite being soaked with freezing water, he pushed on to help with the rescue.

Finally, with help from a backhoe, the team was able to free the horse from the frozen pond.

It was looked at by a veterinarian, who was happy to report it would be just fine.

Watch video of the rescue below:

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