Gun Range Owner Who Claimed Her Range a ‘Muslim-Free Zone’ Prepares for Governor Race in Arkansas


A gun range owner in Arkansas who claimed her facility a “Muslim-free zone” has put her name down to be the Republican nominee for governor in the 2018 election.

Arkansas Online reports that Jan Morgan, owner of The Gun Cave in Hot Springs, Arkansas, officially announced her candidacy in a press release issued New Year’s Eve.

Morgan became the center of controversy back in 2015 when she turned away two dark-skinned men from her shooting range. According to Rawstory, the men were questioned about their religion, and were then told, “I don’t think you guys should be here. She told us to leave or she’d call the cops on us.”

Folks are now saying Morgan is using that attention she received to run against current Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson in the GOP primary in May.

An email to her boosters reportedly read, “As we embark on the dawn of a new day and new year in Arkansas, I am excited about the future potential of our beautiful state and her people.” 

Arkansas Online also notes that Morgan was a vocal opponent of Hutchinson after he signed a law that banned concealed-carry permit holders from carrying inside Razorback Stadium and any other locations hosting college sporting events.

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