Video: Remember When This Guy Discharged His Shotgun and Blew a Hole in the Ceiling?


In the spirit of starting the year off on the right foot, we thought what better way to do it than remind you about gun safety.

We dug this video up from a few years back, and it shows you exactly what NOT to do. Of course, there’s no way to know for sure if this was actually a mistake or intentional (to get clicks online), but either way, the guy proceeds to blow a hole in his ceiling with a shotgun. Not good. (Be sure to turn up the volume on the video below.)

In addition to his lack of double checking to see if the gun was truly unloaded (assuming this was a mistake), one has to wonder what in the heck he’s planning on doing with that fishing rod taped to the barrel of the gun.

Perhaps the best part about this classic video is the dog’s reaction to his owner’s shotgun blast inside the house . . .

You can see in the background after the round goes off, the dog walks up with a look like, “You get mad at me for barking in the house, and then you go and do something like this?”

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