Palmetto State Armory Teases “PSA-5”; Brand New Affordable MP5 Clone


Leading up to SHOT Show 2018, Palmetto State Armory has been teasing the likelihood that they will soon introduce an MP5 “clone” to the U.S. market.

There were rumors of this going around, but it appears to be confirmed thanks to a user on reddit who posted these photos of PSA’s new MP5 receiver:



There are still many questions left unanswered even with these photos being “leaked,” and we’ll be trying to catch up with PSA at SHOT Show to try and find out more details.

The only thing we can take away is that it looks like the MP5 will be Palmetto State’s new platform to target for 2018. We’ve seen what they can do with their AR-15 based platforms, so it will be exciting to see their work with this firearm.

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