Wildlife Officials Use Submersible Drone to Recover Missing Angler’s Body from Lake


The body of a missing fisherman has been recovered after TWRA investigators used an underwater remote operated vehicle, (ROV) much like a drone, to search Center Hill Lake on Thursday.

Rhea Review reports Scott Northrup, 66, was reported missing on Wednesday around 5:30 p.m. after not returning from a fishing trip. His truck was reportedly found at the boat launch where he had been fishing, and then TWRA discovered his boat floating on the lake with the trolling motor down. . .

Northrup was nowhere to be found.

Reports say that water temperature was sitting around 47 degrees at the time, and if that’s the case, most human bodies will start to shutdown within 15 – 20 minutes in those conditions. After 30 minutes however, the effects of hypothermia start to set in, and consciousness becomes a real concern.

At this time, there’s no reports of any underlying health-related issue that may have been involved.

Northrup’s body was recovered in 33 feet of water roughly 150 yards from where his boat was found. He was not wearing a safety jacket.

Northrup was a retired chemistry professor, as well as the faculty advisor to Tennessee Tech’s bass fishing team.  

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