Alien Gear Planning Debut of IWB Holster with Built-In Cooling Fan at SHOT Show


Alien Gear plans to unveil a handful of new modular holsters – as well as a revolutionary holster that has a built in cooling fan – at the upcoming SHOT Show. We’ll jump right into it, because this has never before been seen in the holster industry, and an idea like this is sure to be pretty popular at SHOT this year.

According to Alien Gear, this patent-pending IWB features a lightweight fan that assists in directing air flow through its “thermoplastic flow channels.”

“It’s definitely never been done before. It’s not passive cooling like everyone else does,” Alien Gear Holsters Research and Development Engineer Silas Van Natter stated in a news release.

“Anyone can put a hole in a holster backer for breathability, but we’re forcing air through that hole to optimize functionality.”

The small fan reportedly has three different settings – high, medium and low. Obviously, if you run the thing on high for really long time, the battery won’t last as long, (approximately 8 hours) opposed to if you run it on low, you’ll get about 15 hours of battery life.

The fan does come with a rechargeable battery, which can be fully restored in roughly 2 hours of charge time, and it does include a USB charging cable.

Those of you already familiar with Alien Gear’s products will recognize the holster shell design, as it was based off the ShapeShift platform.

As of now, a release date has not been announced, but SHOT Show goers will be able to take a closer look next week when everyone gathers in Las Vegas for the annual convention.

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