Video: Giant Pacific Octopus Engulfs Scuba Diver’s Head


This footage of a giant Pacific octopus devouring a diver’s face will make you really uncomfortable.

The video was recorded by Dennis Chow, according to the YouTube video’s description, and it shows a diver’s encounter with a massive octopus that was camouflaging itself among the rocks and plant life underwater.

The diver, known only as Shaz, was trying to coax the octopus out into open water to get a better look at it; little did she know the octopus was about to move in for a closer look as well.

Reaching out with one long tentacle, the octopus starts checking out Shaz to figure out if she’s something it wants to eat. A few more legs grab onto Shaz’s shoulders, and before you know it, the octopus totally engulfs Shaz’s head, and that’s enough getting to know each other . . .

Another diver, who happens to be Shaz’s husband, moves in to assist Shaz in removing her new friend.

“At no time was this animal at harm, nor was it not at the top of their list of priorities to maintain its safety and well being.” 

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