Think This Guy Will ‘Ragret’ Getting an AK-47 Face Tattoo?


You know how somethings sound like a great idea until you go and do it, and it turns out to be a horrible, glaring mistake? Well, this isn’t exactly one of those scenarios, because getting an AK-47 face tattoo certainly doesn’t sound like a good idea. And it definitely doesn’t look cool, either.

The tattoo was done by Chris Young Stathakis, a tattoo artist in Florida who works at 3LD Tattoo.

Now, before going on a tirade about how stupid of an idea this is, we should mention that the tattoo itself is rather impressive. The attention to detail – especially on such a small scale image – is outstanding, and takes a very steady hand. However, the location of this tat almost makes you wonder if this guy lost his fantasy football league or something.


2018 is starting off good, Detail is key here at @3ldtattoo

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As you can see, this guy already has a pair of brass knuckles tattooed on his neck, so one can only wonder what he might add to his face arsenal next? Perhaps a Glock tattoo under the left eye now?

This obviously reminded us of a clip from the movie “We’re The Millers,” check it out:

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