Video: Why, As a Hunter, I’m Cheering for Case Keenum and the Vikings this Sunday


Okay, maybe I’ve been searching for a way to tie an OHUB story to my hometown Minnesota Vikings. But can you blame me after last Sunday’s “Minneapolis Miracle”?

Actually, we published a story about the kick-butt, Vikings-themed Evinrude outboard just a few days before last weekend’s game. In fact, Viking defensive lineman Brian Robison, who hopes to be a professional bass angler someday, posted some pics of his family standing beside the awesome motor the day before the Saints game. Gotta love it.

So how can I justify the title to this article?

Simple: Viking QB Case Keenum is an avid bowhunter. Need proof? Check out this quote from Keenum as he describes learning that the Houston Texans were interested in having him rejoin the team in mid-December 2013:

““I was in a tree with a bow in my hand, hunting whitetail deer out in a field in Missouri,” Keenum said. “My wife was texting me actually during the Texans game that Ryan had gotten hurt and that Tom was in there and Shane (Lechler) was warming up. I got a call from my agent and my heart kind of jumped a little bit, and it’s been pretty wild since then.”

As the story goes, Keenum climbed down from his treestand and then headed to Houston the following morning.

Fast-forward to 2017 and Keenum is wearing purple, signed to a 1-year deal to back up starting QB Sam Bradford. And as often happens in the NFL, the starter was injured, and Keenum was asked to step up.

For the rest of the story, watch the video below. What you’ll see/hear is longtime Minneapolis sports reporter and radio host Dan Barriero reading an entertaining article that Keenum wrote just before this past weekend’s game. The “Right Team, Right Time” article was for The Players’ Tribune, which was founded by former Yankee great Derek Jeter.

It’s not a short video, but I think you’ll enjoy it. I especially liked the part where Keenum talks about shoveling snow. He’s a humble man — and a bowhunter. Go Vikes!

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