Gun Buyers: Will a Government Shutdown Cause You Purchasing Pain?


We saw this post on Michigan Open Carry, Inc. Facebook page, and thought it was important to point out with the planned federal government shutdown allegedly happening at midnight tonight (Jan. 19, 2018).

Here’s the question that M.O.C. posed, along with all the information you need to know:

Question: If the federal government shuts down, will I still be able to purchase a firearm from a dealer?

Answer: YES!

If the federal government does temporarily shut down, so will the NICS system, which will have a negative affect on firearm sales from licensed dealers; however, that doesn’t mean you are out of options.

According to the ATF, there are two licenses in Michigan that qualify for a NICS waiver (aka Brady Alternative). Those licenses are the Michigan CPL, and the License to Purchase a Pistol (aka “Purchase Permit”).

If you have either of these licenses, then you may purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer without the dealer having to complete a NICS check. This is because a much more stringent check has already been run on you.

Yes, BOTH of these licenses will work as a NICS waiver for any firearm, not just pistols. If you don’t have a CPL (get one), you may obtain a “purchase permit” from any police or sheriff’s department in the state during normal business hours.

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