When You Look Outside and See Your Dogs Facing Off With a Couple Coyotes


A Facebook user by the name of Dustin Ecker – who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana – posted pictures taken by his neighbor, showing the scene in his backyard after letting his dogs outside one evening.

His two dogs are seen sitting at the back of his yard, staring intently through a fence as two LARGE coyotes stare back at them:

Based on the neighbor snapping only a couple photos, we imagine this K-9 showdown didn’t last very long. After all, judging by the size of those ‘yotes, it likely wouldn’t take more than a simple hop for them to clear that fence.

Fortunately, the neighbor was able to corral his dogs, and probably saved them from getting into an ugly tussle that probably would’ve ended badly for man’s best friends.

Here’s another reminder to keep an eye on your four-legged companions when they’re outside – especially if you live near wooded areas! 


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