Winchester Introduces Deer Season Copper Impact XP Ammunition


Winchester introduced a cool new product to the market in the fall of 2017, and deer hunters should keep their eyes open for it when picking up gear for next hunting season.

What Winchester has here is a very large, open-diameter hollow-point bullet made specifically for taking down big deer in a hurry. It features a polymer tip, and the frontal area of the bullet is made to expand rapidly and cause a ton of energy transfer – thus knocking game down really fast.

This is ideal for medium-size game, such as pronghorns, whitetails and mule deer.

In the SHOT Show 2018 video below, Winchester rep Nathan Robinson highlights the added benefit of the copper impact – which is the new version of this ammo. It’s constructed of 100 percent copper, which is huge for anyone who lives in an area where you can’t use a lead bullet.

Check out the video, and visit Winchester Ammunition for more details:

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