Video: You Can Bet Gordon Ramsay Doesn’t Approve of This Fish Cooked in Molten-Glass


Fish can be cooked in many different ways, and each method delivers a very unique flavor to the meat. You can wrap it in banana leaves, smoke it, season it with salt and pepper, or steam it with some lemons and fresh herbs. Cooking fish in molten-glass, however? That’s a new one on us . . .

Unless you want Gordon Ramsay to run through your kitchen and tackle you to the ground, we suggest you avoid this method when cooking fish:

Somebody needs to turn the Food Network channel on in this kitchen, because I’m pretty positive Guy Fieri would not call this fish with shards of glass and newsprint all over it “gangster.”

We’re also curious what OutdoorHub Field-to-Fork Columnist Krissie Mason has to say about this. She’s pretty darn good at making food look spectacular, but she might have her hands full with this monstrosity!

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