Video: Cow Elk Delivered Via Helicopter as Wildlife Officials Work to Relocate Elk Within Southeastern Kentucky


Special Delivery! 

Look up there! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a . . . helicopter carrying a blindfolded cow elk? Now that’s the strangest thing we’ve seen in the sky lately.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources recently worked to relocate a number of elk within the 16-county southeastern Kentucky elk zone, and the video below shows one of those elk being delivered via helicopter by Wildlife staff and expert helicopter agents. (Be sure to turn up the volume of the Facebook video for best viewing.)

SPECIAL DELIVERY – ELK were recently relocated within the 16-county southeastern Kentucky elk zone by our Wildlife staff and expert helicopter agents to continue the elk restoration process across the zone.

Perhaps we buried the lead a little here, because the really amazing thing in this video is the supreme skill of the helicopter pilot. Watch again how delicate the pilot is when setting the cow elk on the bed of the truck. 

After reading some of the comments on this post, we found one user who raised some interesting questions about the video, and the Kentucky DFWR had an excellent response.

Here’s what the Facebook user wrote, followed by Kentucky DFWR’s response:


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