Video: Watch How the Ice Moves Up and Down On this Super Windy Lake


As our good buddy Chuck Testa would say, there’s a whole lot of NOPE in this video.

Somebody was out on a frozen lake during a really windy day, and the video they captured is enough to make you go weak at the knees . . .

Have you ever heard of getting sea sick on frozen water?

Well, watch this video of an ice covered lake bobbing up and down with each gust of wind, and tell us how you feel afterward. (Turn up the volume to hear the wind howling across the lake, and the horrifying sound of the ice cracking.)

The caption reads, “When the wind is blowing but the fish are biting,” and we commend this angler for his dedication, but know when to throw in the towel to Mother Nature, guy. When the ice starts moving like that, it’s time to cover up your ice holes and sprint to shore.

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