Heckler & Koch Announce Price Reductions on Popular Handguns


Good news for those with a desire to own one of the market’s most supremely built handguns: the European manufacturer, Heckler & Koch, initiated a series of price reductions that will reportedly drop the prices across their pistol lineup.

Heckler & Koch build fantastic handguns, with the only knock being their price – that is until now at least.

If you run a price check on some of their pistols, the P30 has just recently dropped from $900 to a much easier to digest $580 – which is competing with the renowned VP series’ price. HK45s took a dip in pricing as well, and you can find them lurking out there for a price that’s just slightly higher than the P30.

These price adjustments appear to be due to the opening of HK’s new facility in Columbus, Georgia. 

So, if you’ve been stocking away your pennies to save up for a new firearm, it looks like you have a lot to be excited about! Now you can own one of the best handguns on the market, and you don’t have to feel guilty about it. 

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