Video: Justin Timberlake’s Elk Shirt was the Highlight of His Super Bowl Halftime Show


During last night’s Super Bowl halftime show, when international superstar Justin Timberlake stepped on stage, the focus for a majority of people was immediately directed toward one thing: his shirt.

JT resurrected himself in the pop culture game this past week with a brand new album that, as hunters, we can at least appreciate the title. (Just a PSA: we likely won’t have JT’s new album playing when we pull up to the deer stand, but we appreciate it nonetheless.)

It’s called Man of the Woods, and Timberlake dressed the part during his performance last night:

If you were using this time to replenish on snacks and missed it, Timberlake was also wearing a full camouflage suit as well, which according to People was designed by Stella McCartney (daughter of Paul McCartney from that one band called The Beatles)

And because we know you want to wear one of those elk shirts he had on at hunt camp . . . well, it features artwork from British artist Martin Ridley, and also appears to be custom made, as a quick search for them came up empty on our end.

Unfortunately, not everyone was as excited about his camo as we obviously were:

He did have some supporters out there on social media, however:

Hey even Cam Hanes was standing behind JT’s shirt:   


@justintimberlake with the camo/elk shirt combo! My brotha Maybe #jteatselk ?

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