Chopper Downed by Cow Elk in Wasatch County


Get to the chopper!!!

A helicopter crash was reported in Utah by the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Department, and you won’t believe what took the chopper down.

The crash happened near Currant Creek Reservoir, and a search and rescue team was deployed to the scene immediately.

According to KUTV, two passengers walked away suffering only minor injuries, however, an elk they were trying to capture did not have such good fortune . . .

The team inside the helicopter was reportedly in the process of netting a cow elk, sedating it, and taking it back to put a collar on for further evaluation from a biologist, but the whole operation kind of went sideways on them.

Apparently, as the crew was hovering over the elk, it jumped and hit the tail rotor, nearly severing it.

Here are pictures from the crash sight, which were posted to Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page:


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