Video: Why Declining Hunter Numbers Should Matter to You


Fact: In the last decade, hunter numbers in the United States have declined more than 30 percent. Perhaps you’re saying to yourself, “Cool. Less hunting pressure means more bucks (or ducks) for me.”

Not so fast.

Declining hunter numbers may change the landscape for hunting in ways you’ve never considered. Take a minute and check out the video below for the full story.

Powderhook and its partner brands and concerned individuals throughout the country are working to add 3 million new hunters in the next 5 years. The time has come for action.

The question is simple: Will you join the effort?

Personally, I’m beginning now to think of someone I can introduce to hunting this fall. Sure, I’ve introduced my two sons (now ages 13 and 15) to hunting, but frankly, that was easy. I see it as part of my duty as a good dad.

The author’s family celebrates a young hunter’s first buck; photo from 2013.

But I need to do more. And like the video says, if everyone introduces just one new person to hunting, our sport will be in much better shape moving forward. Will it take some time and effort? Sure. But it’ll be fun, too.

I plan to do my part in 2018, and beyond. Will you?

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