Viral Video: Monstrous ‘Hogzilla’ Appears in Hong Kong


The internet has been buzzing recently after photos of a monstrous wild boar in Hong Kong surfaced showing the pig standing on its hind legs to eat out of a dumpster.

The alarming video was reportedly posted to Facebook by Tu Dong, and now has over 500k views:

It’s no surprise that after people started seeing this huge hog, it was dubbed “hogzilla.” 

Feral pigs are notorious for causing all kinds of damage to farmer’s crops, fences, watering holes . . . the list goes on.

Basically, feral hogs are just a pain in the neck, and it’s a big reason why you can hunt them 365 days a year in 12 different states in the U.S. In fact, here’s one of our favorite hog hunting videos, showing hunters use night vision and lasers:

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