Wisconsin Senator Proposes Two Bills to Put a Ban on All Hunting, Fishing and Trapping in State Parks


Wisconsin, if you enjoy hunting, fishing, trapping, and believe in the importance of conservation, you should contact your state senator and ask (heck, downright plead) for them to vote NO on Senate Bills 774 and 775.

If you read our previous article on the declining number of hunters in the U.S., it’s clear that we as sportsmen and women need more access to places where we can hunt and fish and enjoy the outdoors.

According to Sportsmen’s Alliance Legislative Action Center Wisconsin Sen. Fred A. Risser (D-Madison) introduced two bills that would ban trapping and hunting in all state parks.

Senate Bill 774 deals with banning foothold and body-gripping traps in states parks, and Senate Bill 775 speaks about banning all forms of hunting in all state parks. Both have reportedly been assigned to the Senate Sporting Heritage, Mining, and Forestry Committee.

For the moment, lets set aside the nightmare that both of these bills could potentially become a law . . . If only one were to pass and become state law, Wisconsin’s economy would take a direct hit. Not to mention what the lack of proper conservation will do.

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