Throwback Thursday Must-See Video: Big Marlin . . . Caught from a Sea-Doo!


Need a break from winter? Sure you do, so here’s something warm for this Throwback Thursday.

As an angler, if you spend any time on the water at all, chances are good that you’ve cursed – either out loud or under your breath – at those people buzzing around the lake on a personal watercraft (i.e. Jet Ski or similar watercraft made by one of Kawasaki Jet Ski’s competitors).

In this amazing video from several years ago, Matt Watson decides to fish from a Sea-Doo personal watercraft, but he’s not going after sea trout or redfish. Instead, he has larger game in mind – striped marlin!

Using the Sea-Doo to troll in the New Zealand’s Bay of Islands, Matt finally hooks into a good-sized marlin, and what follows afterward can only be described as insane. It’s clear this isn’t Matt’s first rodeo when it comes to fighting and landing big fish from his Sea-Doo.

Simply watch and enjoy. (Viewing tip: Be sure to stay tuned until the end when Matt jumps into the water to tag the still fighting marlin. Crazy!)

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