Video: The Crab Challenge is a Great Way to Lose Your Nipples


When you wish away the Tide Pod challenge, you open up the doors for something even more idiotic like this . . .

Evidently, this youngster had his fill of the Tide Pod challenge, so he decides to take it up a notch and let a gigantic crab latch onto his chest.

Here’s the “crab challenge”; we’ll be here with our faces buried in our hands. (Be sure to turn up the volume for best viewing.)

Just . . . why?

We know some crabs are capable of pinching with a force that’s nine-times their body weight, so we certainly hope this one is clamping down with all its got . . . now if only we could find a crab big enough to pinch this guy’s head!

We’re already confused why people are fascinated with doing dumb stuff like chowing laundry detergent pods, but when you bring animals into your “challenges,” that’s where we draw a line.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, my friend.


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