Video: Cougar in Wisconsin Caught on Camera Peeking Through Window to See if Anybody is Home


After noticing a set of unusual tracks outside, a Wisconsin homeowner checked the surveillance camera set up over the front door, and made a chilling discovery of something peeking inside to see if anybody was home.

According to Fox6 News, police responded to reports of a cougar hiding under a pine tree in a resident’s backyard. DNR agents were dispatched to the scene, and were able to confirm the cougar’s presence.

Dan Guerndt was the man who discovered the large tracks in his yard, and this was what he saw upon checking to see what made them:

After analyzing the situation, officers determined they would not be able to sedate the cougar due to it surrounding itself in thick brush, and the close proximity to neighboring homes. Police even thought the animal could have been injured, which added to the risk factor of attempting to neutralize it.

They decided to wait until morning to handle it, but when DNR showed up in the morning, the cougar was long gone.

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