The ‘Coyote Challenge’ Provides Hunters an Opportunity to Win a Lifetime Hunting/Fishing License


Georgia DNR announced this week, that the “Coyote Challenge” is back, and any hunter who kills a coyote could be eligible to win a lifetime hunting license.

The challenge works like this: coyotes killed between the months of March and April can be brought to a DNR office, and the hunter will then be entered in a drawing to win a lifetime hunting/fishing license (or the equivalent of $750 of credit for hunting and fishing licenses or a prize of similar value.)

The DNR points out there will be three separate drawings starting the 1st week of May covering entries in March & April; the 1st week of July covering entries in May & June; and the 1st week of September covering entries in July & August.

Hunters may submit up to 10 coyotes per drawing period.

According to the DNR, “the goal of this program is to complement and recognize the existing lethal removal of coyotes by hunters and trappers to more effectively manage the negative impacts of coyote predation on native wildlife, and minimize the negative interactions between humans and coyotes including the killing of pets, livestock and public safety and health. Individuals have the liberty to choose whether they want to take action to manage these risks.”

And this year, (this is the second annual “Coyote Challenge” held in the state) Georgia DNR has made it easier to enter. All contestants have to do is simply snap a photo of the coyote and send it over to [email protected], and you’ll automatically receive an autoreply with a link to the entry form. 

Remember: photos should include the entire, intact carcass.

Also, Georgia DNR will not accept roadkills, spoiled carcasses, coyotes that have been ear-notched, and live coyotes are especially not eligible. For those computer wizards wondering how DNR officials will pull this off, metadata on each submission will be carefully analyzed to determine date and place of the provided image(s). 


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