Video: Ohio Sheriff Offers Free Firearm Training to Teachers; Receives Hundreds of Applicants within Hours


Butler County (Ohio) Sheriff Richard Jones has offered firearm training courses to teachers free of charge in the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and the response has been eye opening.

“We thought we’d get 20, 25 signed up. We had 50 within the first hour. We had 100 within 2 hours, we had 300 within like 5 hours. We offered to teachers first, then we start getting calls from a secretary that works in the school, janitors that work in the school,” Sheriff Jones said.

In the weeks following the shooting, there have been several reports that suggest more and more schools across the country are beginning to adopt the same safety measures.

“There’s nowhere you go that you don’t have guns. America, that’s our culture. You are not going to stop crazy people from coming in getting guns, but you can stop the carnage in 3 to 4 minutes of any shooting,” Jones stated in the video below:

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