Video: Florida Police Called to Assist With a 9-Foot Alligator Roaming Apartment Complex


A Florida apartment complex had a “problem resident” situation this week, so police were called in to assist . . .

Other tenants reportedly began seeing the peculiar wanderer lurking around the apartment complex around 3:30 p.m., so they phoned Cocoa police to come out and take a look.

Knock knock . . . better to leave your door closed when there’s a 9-foot alligator at your door!

“When I first came out, I saw the police car . . . I was standing at my door and I was looking at this man who was waving at me and he pointed down, and I look and saw the alligator so I ran back in the house,” Fox News reports a resident saying to reporters.

WSVN News posted video of the 9-foot reptile before wildlife officials came to take it away, though authorities did not reveal where the gator was taken. (Be sure to turn up the volume on the video below for best viewing.)

And here are more photos from the scene, showing the gator being escorted out:

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