If you’ve never hunted crows with calls and decoys, then you flat out are missing one of life’s greatest sporting pleasures.

Last year during Minnesota’s March crow season, I had the chance to join Todd “The Crowman” Gifford (above), for a morning of calling and decoying crows. (Click here to read my story.) And this is no exaggeration: I’ve hunted mallards in the flooded timber of Stuttgart, Arkansas, and moose in northern British Columbia, as well as untold numbers of other critters big and small from coast to coast — but that morning of crushing crows in my home state still sits near the top of my all-time favorite hunts (photo below).

I recalled this fantastic field day when I spotted the video below on Todd’s Facebook page. Like you, probably, I get so busy in life that I often forget what day it is, but Todd’s FB post reminded me that crow season is once again upon us in Minnesota, and I MUST get out there again.

Crank up the volume (LOUD!) on the FB video below, then get yourself a Craw Crusher call and a dozen Soar No More crow decoys and let the games begin.

P.S. And did you know you can eat crows . . . for real? Check out this OHUB recipe here.

Top images courtesy of Todd Gifford

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