Video: Guy is Lucky He Wasn’t Severely Hurt by this Compound Bow Explosion


This was seriously a close call!

Because you’re reading this article, we’ll go ahead and assume you’ve pulled a bow back once or twice in your life.

So, we’re all familiar with the power a compound bow holds at full draw, right? And you’ve probably seen the nightmare videos of some bows exploding because of dry-fire, but this video has us stumped. (Be sure to turn up the volume on the video to listen to the commentary.)

What the $#!% just happened?

It’s clear that the arrow falls off the rest during the draw cycle, and the shooter is attempting to move the arrow back onto the riser with his fingers. There’s no doubt he’s torquing the grip/bow with his hand as he attempts to fix the arrow issue, but that shouldn’t be enough to cause this result. And after watching the video a few times, we can’t see him squeeze the trigger on his release, so it doesn’t appear to be an issue with the arrow (way too light, etc.).

One thing we know for sure is he could have been seriously hurt after a full-blown bow explosion.

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