A high school student was trampled, and suffered a concussion after a frightened deer ran into her during a fire drill.

It happened at Eagle Point High School in Oregon, during a routine fire drill while all the students were filing outside the building. According to KDRV, the student who suffered the injuries was senior Josie Lemley, however, if you ask her about it, she has no recollection of the deer running into her at all.

“I think I got hit in the face with a hoof,” Lemley states in the video below. She suffered some serious cuts and scrapes on her face, as well as a concussion. “I still don’t know how I don’t have a broken bone,” she continued saying.

Here’s the video with more details: 

(Warning: some might find images in this video disturbing; Viewer discretion is advised) 

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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