Y’all already know Michael Waddell is a serious turkey hunter, so his recent success in Georgia should come as no surprise at all.

Spend much time hunting in the turkey woods and you’ll probably start to hear sayings like “can’t stop the flop,” a phrase coined by none other than Mr. Waddell, and it’s quickly become the victory cry for turkey hunters across the country.

Waddell recently journeyed to the peach state to do a little turkey hunting this spring, and in just one hour, he doubled down on two longbeards!

Below are photos from Officialbonecollector’s Instagram page showing Waddell after his successful hunt:

Image courtesy Officialbonecollector

Michael Waddell – AKA “Mr. Can’t Stop the Flop” himself – doubles down on a couple GA thunder chickens. Good stuff!

Image courtesy Officialbonecollector
Image courtesy Officialbonecollector
Image courtesy Officialbonecollector

Obviously, he had to have a little fun with it.

Image courtesy Officialbonecollector

“Can’t stop the flop” is much more than just a phrase, however, it’s a movement.

Watch this hilarious video featuring Michael Waddell, Nick Mundt, and Travis Turner that’s meant to be anything but politically correct, and guaranteed to get you hyped for turkey season this spring:

Image courtesy Instagram

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