Don’t do anything in practice that you wouldn’t do in the game.” – George Halas

This is a fantastic quote to keep in mind, especially if you’re new to concealed carry. It seems like a basic train of thought, but one thing you’ll hear about any situation in which you have to draw a firearm to defend yourself, is basic train of thought pretty much goes out the window, and your brain automatically reverts back to your training.

So the bottom line; practice how you would play in the game.

Accelerated Firearm Training has developed a unique dry fire training system to help new and seasoned shooters with this concept.

Shooter Make Ready, a combination of laser firearm simulation, reactive scoring targets, and a mobile app to give its users real-time feedback on performance including speed and accuracy. Consistent use of the system will also help shooters improve their sight picture visualization and tighten up shot groupings.

“Dry fire practice is widely recognized by shooting enthusiasts, shooting competitors, law enforcement/military trainers, and firearm instructors as an extremely effective means for improving firearm handling skills,” AFT states on their website.

“Make no mistake, Shooter Make Ready is serious training that’s seriously fun!”

The Shooter Make Ready system is capable of connecting to up to six targets. Shooters can choose from four courses of fire including Steel Training, Saturday Steel, React, and Practical Shooting.

The app works with Android or iOS smartphones and tablets, features full 360-degree training scenarios using six targets placed anywhere within a 50-foot radius.

Targets for the system can be purchased from AFT starting at $79 per target. A laser SIRT pistol is also required, but sold separately here. SIRT pistols start at $239.

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