Fishing Boat Capsizes in a Big Dam Accident


River boating can be a treacherous endeavor. Often times you can be navigating through waters that suddenly turn shallow or, depending on your location, there could be an unexpected drop off or hidden rocks.

One would assume that when you are down river from a dam or waterfall, that you would have enough notice to steer clear, that appears to not be true. 3 fishermen in Grand Rapids, MI recently found out the hard way that fishing so close to rushing water may not be the best idea. The video contains some language not safe for work, headphones are recommended. Check out their close call below.


Local news outlet Mlive has more on the story.

“Bystanders near the Sixth Street Dam say three people are lucky to have escaped injury after a boat overturned in the dam’s roiling waters.

The boat became caught in the dam’s churning waters late in the afternoon of Wednesday, March 28.

All three people aboard the boat managed to swim away from the dam, although one appeared to still be inside the boat when it flipped in the waters.

Grand Rapids firefighters evaluated the men after the accident and said they did not appear injured, just cold.

Eric King was fishing nearby when he captured the dramatic scene on video. Watchers should be aware the video contains graphic language in some moments.”

With spring fishing officially here, remember to be careful out on the water.

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