You’ve probably seen footage of a black bear climbing into a treestand once or twice, and while we’ve seen it happen before, it never fails to get our heart’s racing! 

A video has gone viral after a curious black bear decided to join fourteen-year-old Davin Grunrow up in his treestand while hunting with his friend, Mark White, Fox News reports.

The video shows Grunrow sitting in a ladder stand, when a bear suddenly climbs up right next to him, and you can tell right away that the bear figures out something isn’t quite right. From the next tree over, White filmed the entire encounter on his cell phone, and even policed the situation a tad when the bear got just a little too comfortable.

Here’s the video:

Most people in this situation might have panicked, but the young hunter was able to keep his cool while the bear sniffed around his treestand for several minutes – pretty impressive!

“We always know, when we go in the stand, if a bear comes up the tree, stay calm,” White, who has 45 years of hunting experience under his belt reportedly said.

To add to it, this was apparently Grunrow’s first ever bear hunt. Talk about baptism by fire, am I right?

“It was something that could have gone terribly wrong, but didn’t,” White told Global News. “He learned everything that night that I could possibly teach him.”

Obviously, we’re glad this little encounter ended the way it did. Grunrow displayed an unbelievable composed demeanor, which has been praised by several thousand viewers online.

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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