Here’s a nutty story: After the air conditioning started making a funny sound in his recently purchased Dodge Journey, a Michigan resident popped the hood to find a large stockpile of pine cones stashed away in his car.

50-lbs worth to be exact!

According to, Gaylord resident Kellen Moore showed up to work one morning with a noticeably confused look on his face. When a fellow coworker, Gabe Awrey, asked what was up, Moore pulled up some Snapchat videos on his phone to show Awrey the cause of his stress.

Awrey couldn’t believe his eyes. In total shock, he asked if it had happened a few weeks ago. But then Moore invited him outside to take a better look.

The two friends walked outside to the parking lot, popped the hood, and discovered every nook and cranny inside the engine bay had been stuffed with pine cones by one busy squirrel. It reportedly took the two friends roughly 45 minutes just to remove them all.

“This stuff happens a lot up here,” Awrey told “It happens to everyone eventually. But not at this scale. At the worst you find some acorns in the air filter or what not. Everyone who has seen this can’t believe it. It’s the perfect set up for a squirrel though. Nice and insulated, lots of food with the pine cones. Pretty practical until your nest drives away.”

This photo, shared by Northern Michigan meteorologist Joe Charlevoix, shows what Moore was dealing with: 

Image courtesy Facebook

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