Police Recover Handgun Embedded in the Front Bumper of a Honda Traveling on Washington Interstate


The Lakewood Police Department in Washington is investigating an incident after state troopers recovered a handgun that had been embedded in the front bumper of a Honda while it was traveling down a Washington Interstate.

I don’t think that’s what they’re talking about when they say gun the engine. . .

Washington State Patrol says the driver saw a “black object” flying through the air during his commute one evening, but it wasn’t until he stopped for gas later (about 18 miles down the road) that he discovered it was a handgun, and it was now stuck barrel-first in his bumper just below the driver’s-side headlight. 

AP News reports the driver notified troopers, who then recovered the weapon, which as you can see was missing its magazine. Using our best judgment, we determined the gun looks like a Springfield Armory XD, but those details have not been released.

Lakewood Police Lt. Chris Lawler says they are investigating whether or not the firearm was linked to a fight nearby where shots were reported fired.

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