Rally Goose? Canadian Goose Invades MLB Game, Crashes Into Scoreboard and Goes Down as Hero


Wild animals invading sporting events is a common occurrence, and it usually leads to some of the most memorable moments. Fans who attended the Detroit Tigers vs. Los Angeles Angles baseball game at Comerica Park Wednesday night witnessed something they’ll certainly never forget. During a rain delay that halted play in the sixth inning, a Canadian goose landed in the outfield. Members of the Tigers grounds crew promptly ran out there to shoo the goose away, but it was grounded and had no interest in changing seats.

Eventually, after being chased around the ballpark for several minutes, the goose decided it was time to make an exit. Except his flight out didn’t go so smooth. . .

The goose tried to gain enough altitude to fly out of the stadium, but apparently miscalculated a touch, and ended up crashing into a scoreboard along the second deck. Fans were able to breathe a sigh of relief however, as the Tigers announced that the goose was fine and was released outside of the stadium.

The story behind all this, however, is how the goose didn’t go down in vain and is now known around the city of Detroit as the “Rally Goose.”

See, the Tigers were actually trailing in the game before the rain and waterfowl showed up, but then suddenly rallied for five runs in the bottom of the inning. Detroit ended up winning the game 6-1 and gave a tip of the cap to the goose, using the hashtag #RallyGoose after pulling out the win.

Of course, Twitter had a field day with the whole incident:

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