Video: 14-Foot-Alligator Mesmerized by Fidget Spinner


A brave Wild Florida employee wanted to show off how well-trained their gators can be, so he grabbed a fidget spinner and called over a 14-foot-long alligator to be his subject.

I’m pretty sure this is how “Florida Man” headlines start. . .

“We made the video to show the conditioning we have accomplished with one of our large alligators,” the videographer wrote on Newsflare.

The more than 1,000 pound alligator even seemed to enjoy watching the little plastic toy spin freely on the tip of its snout. He stayed steady as a rock, jaw slightly open, for nearly eight seconds. Just enough time to make a viral video.

The video raises an interesting question: What’s more impressive? The gator’s balancing skills, or the fact that the man walked away with both the spinner and all of his fingers?


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