Head-Scratching Video Serves as Reminder for Oblivious Boaters to Look Out for Kayakers


We dug this video up from a while ago, but it still serves as a good reminder for oblivious boaters to look out for kayakers on the lake this time of year.

Fishing from a kayak is a great way to get on the water quickly, and flip a bait into some of those hard-to-reach honey holes. But it does come with a slight risk, however, if other boaters aren’t paying attention.

It’s always a good idea, if you’re planning to fish from a kayak, to stick to times when traffic on the lake is at a minimum. This might mean early morning, or later in the evening, and you should always use some sort of marker to make you more visible for other boaters. Although, despite using a bright orange flag AND and orange buoy, this kayaker was nearly a speed bump for this fishing boat.

Watch the video below, and notice how calm the man is even after nearly getting ran over:

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