Video: Panther Attacks House Cat in the Driveway of South Florida Home


Living in Florida certainly has its perks, but like other states, certain things just come with the territory.

A security camera in front of a home in Naples, Florida caught a haunting video of a big predator cat – most likely a panther – chasing down a smaller house cat in the owner’s driveway. The panther then casually trots off with the cat still squirming in its jaws.

This video illustrates the dangers that Florida residents with outdoor pets must look out for:

Add it to the list that also includes alligators, bears, sharks, and coyotes.

The Orlando Sentinel offers these ‘pro tips’ from the FWC, specifically related to potential bear interactions:

  • Black bears are most commonly attracted to neighborhoods by unsecure garbage,pet food, and bird seed; most interactions can be reduced if residents remove and secure trash with either a shed or bear-resistant trashcan and minimize the time pet food and bird seed is outside or keep those foods secure.
  • Consider walking your pet on a non-retractable leash which allows better control of your pet in the event of an encounter.
  • Bears are most active at night and during dusk and dawn. Try walking your pet during daytime hours. If that is not possible, be careful around wooded areas.
  • While walking your pet, bring noise makers or bear spray. Making noise will alert wildlife to your presence and allow time for it to move away from you and your pet.

And as far as coyotes go, the newspaper reports they’ve been expanding their range across Florida since the 70’s, and are now thought to be established in all 67 Florida counties.

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