Gould Brothers Take Aim to Find Out How Many Spray Paint Cans a Shotgun Will Shoot Through


Here on OutdoorHub, we’ve watched the Gould brothers perform some pretty amazing stunts with shotguns in the past, but this is definitely one of the more colorful tricks we’ve seen on a gun range.

With shotguns in hand, the Gould brothers setup a redneck experiment to see how cans of spray paint hold up against various shotgun loads.

Full disclosure, there’s not much “science” behind this little experiment at all, but it does create a detonation that looks like marshmallow Peeps sitting on a pile of C-4.

 And watch closely, because these cans of paint turn into some serious shrapnel and whiz by his head at around the 2:28 mark. 

Yeah, you’re best not attempting this one at home.

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