Raccoon Scaling Skyscraper Captivates Onlookers Below


A raccoon scaling a skyscraper showed off it’s climbing skills in St. Paul, Minnesota by climbing 20 stories up the side a building, and is now an internet sensation.

We’ve witnessed raccoons get themselves into some pickles before, but none quite as daunting as this. If you’ve ever stopped to wonder if animals are afraid of heights, this pretty much answers that question. . .

What About The Animal Cargo??


According to CBS62, the animal was originally reported at the Town Square building in downtown St. Paul, curled in a corner napping above the sidewalk.

When workers tried grabbing the critter off the ledge, it escaped over to the UBS Plaza. And the ascent began.

After climbing about 20 stories, the raccoon eventually settled in for another nap, this time with a better view.

And it didn’t take long for the people of Minnesota to jump at the opportunity of starting a Twitter account on the critter’s behalf.

The little fella wasn’t done just yet though. Later in the evening, the raccoon was spotted once again clinging to the side of the structure to get up one more level.

Animal control was notified of the situation, and came up with a plan to try and get the raccoon up to the roof for a safe extraction.

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