Video: Monkey Jabs Girl in the Face Sending Her Flying Backwards


A shocking video surfaced today showing the moment a monkey jabs a little girl in the face, sending her falling over backwards.

As you can see in the video, the little girl’s mom was right there with her when the primate lashed out and hit her square in the face with a left hook.

At first, the monkey seems content with the girl marveling over it while being hand-fed some food, but all fun goes out the window when the mom appears to tease the monkey, seemingly sparking its reaction:

The monkey’s jab caused the youngster to fall over backwards, tumble down some steps, and eventually land on her stomach at the bottom.

According to The Sun, the little girl was shaken up afterwards, but not injured. We’ve certainly seen some odd behavior from monkeys in Japan before, and this just adds to the list!

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